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Cyber Made Simple with 24/7 Family Cyber Services


A cyberattack can cause devastating financial and reputational damage. We protect individuals and families with powerful threat monitoring, personalized alerts and education.

Still think this is not a big deal? Your information will be used to make purchases, commit crimes, request new credit cards, provide medical care to others, and more.

All the charges are in your name. And you have to prove it wasn't you! It isn't easy. The criminals have so much information about you, and they have much more experience in it than you do.

Every online action puts your information at risk.
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Experienced 24/7 Cyber Advocates assist in responding to threats and attacks. Automated cyber alerts and actions are provided to mitigate risks and minimize disruptions.
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After a cyber event, we work with you to repair damage, identify additional cyber vulnerabilities, improve your cyber protections and get things back to normal.
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What is happening in cyber

AI Hallucinations May Be Used by Cybercriminals

AI systems are still hallucinating despite vendors saying they will fix it. The latest is hallucinating software packages in the libraires used to distribute the packages. A researcher uploaded a package with the AI hallucinated name and it was downloaded over 35,000 times, showing the suggestions by AI systems are often not checked before being used. 


AI hallucinates fake software packages

Zero-Day Alert: Critical Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Flaw Under Active Attack

A newly discovered flaw in Palo Alto PAN-OS received a CVSS rating of 10, the most severe given. A patch is available to some customers. Install it immediately. If you don’t subscribe to the Threat Preventions service contact Palo Alto and ask what to do. 


Palo Alto vulnerability gets most serious rating

XZ Utils Scare Exposes Hard Truths About Software Security

These are open source utilities used to compress data and included in the major Linux distributions. However, they have a back door installed by cybercriminals. 

A stark reminder that ultimately users of open source are responsible for security. 


Users responsible for open source security

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