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Cyber Made Simple with 24/7 Family Cyber Services


A cyberattack can cause devastating financial and reputational damage. We protect individuals and families with powerful threat monitoring, personalized alerts and education.

Still think this is not a big deal? Your information will be used to make purchases, commit crimes, request new credit cards, provide medical care to others, and more.

All the charges are in your name. And you have to prove it wasn't you! It isn't easy. The criminals have so much information about you, and they have much more experience in it than you do.

Every online action puts your information at risk.
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Experienced 24/7 Cyber Advocates assist in responding to threats and attacks. Automated cyber alerts and actions are provided to mitigate risks and minimize disruptions.
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After a cyber event, we work with you to repair damage, identify additional cyber vulnerabilities, improve your cyber protections and get things back to normal.
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What is happening in cyber

Cyber Scams

Cyber criminals are very devious and have many ways to separate you from your money. Here are a few to hopefully keep you safer. 


Cyber scams proliferate

New Microsoft Recall feature is a 'security nightmare' and could make Copilot+ PCs a top target for cyber criminals

Recall will record everything a user does including private information and will not hide or encrypt the private information. If cyber attackers get into a Copilot+ PC they will have access to everything done on the PC including all the sensitive and private information! One more security nightmare. 


Copilot+ Exposes everything

Google Detects 4th Chrome Zero-Day in May Actively Under Attack - Update ASAP

Zero-Day vulnerabilities are very dangerous. Chrome has 4 of them this month. Please install the update as soon as possible. 


Another Chrome Zero-Day

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